Andrea Telatin avatarProch.

print (“Hello world!“);

I’m Andrea Telatin, an Italian bioinformatician, living in Padua.

At the moment, I ‘m carrying on my master project to get the degree. It focuses on a genomic approach to decipher high-pressure adaptation of a nice piezophilic bacterium called Photobacterium profundum. I play with microarrays and other nice stuff at the CRIBI Biotechnology Center (I made this site, by the way :), where I have a small home (http://genomics.cribi.unipd.it/~telatin/).

During my High School years, I developed a passion for web design and programming.

I love using Linux, programming in Perl, PHP and something more.

I wrote articles about Windows Vista for the Italian group HTML.it in the OneVista.it site, specializing in security related topic.

I’m also a passionate boy scout: I have been Akela for three years, and then District commissioner for my association, the CNGEI. My scout name is Sage Racoon, hence the nick “Proch”, that is a truncated form of the Italian “procione”.

Think I said enough for now. Cheers!


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